Traditional Vs. Online Education

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Bryan Strain

Utah State University

4 November 2012

Traditional vs. Online Education

Traditional school is vastly superior to an online education.  Teachers are more than a fountain of knowledge; they are motivators, friends, and confidants.  While I agree that you can learn in the sterile, emotionless, online world, you cannot learn to the same level in the same amount of time.  Even if you are taking a broadcast class, you can develop a relationship with your instructor.  You understand the tone of their voice.  They hear when you are not sure of yourself on the subject material and they can provide feedback to help you be more sure of yourself.

The online class is rigid.  You never get off on tangents that may hold added knowledge from an experienced professor.  You may not get credit or partial credit for answering a question correctly when you expressed your answer from a different point of view.  The text of online courses has no tone, no personality, and no passion.

I have taken online courses, broadcast courses, and face to face courses.  I have received only one bad grade in an online math course.  I vowed to choose broadcast and face to face courses evermore.  My instructors know me.  They see my strengths and my weaknesses.  They praise me, and correct me.  I can feel them molding me for the future.  I am a better reader, a better writer, and I understand complex ideas much better now.  It is not because of the sterile knowledge, that I have a firm grasp on my subjects; it is because my professors love what they do.  They love to teach, they love their subjects, and they love their students.  Love doesn’t translate so well in 1’s and 0’s.

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