Strawberry Cheese Cake Trifle

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Strawberry Creme Cheese Trifle

I made Vonda a Strawberry Cheese Cake Trifle for her birthday a few years back. Strawberry Creme Cheese Trifle Trifles are relatively easy to make.  Usually you layer some fruit with whipped creme and chunks of Angel Food Cake.  However, I have fallen in love with using Philadelphia Cheese Cake filling that comes in a container like Cool Whip.  It turns a regular trifle into a gourmet trifle.


Angle Food Cake broken into chunks
Philadelphia Cheese Cake topping

Simply start with a fruit then.  Then add a layer of Angel Food Cake. Next add the cheese cake whipped topping and repeat.  The top layer should be on top of the cheese cake topping so you have a nice sticky canvas with which you can use your fruit to decorate.  I like the strawberry floral design.

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