My Flag

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My Flag

My Flag

My Flag

By Bryan Strain

Old Glory how I love you.

Your stars give certain light

Your pure white stripes burn in my heart

And in this crazy world despite

The blood that still flows in stripes of red

To defend your heaven blue field

Some who live under your gaze

Don’t understand the power that you wield


Some of us see who you are

And give all we have of worth

My great uncle Dean who wounded flew

His bones lie now in distance lands

His valor helped to save the earth

In World War II

My great uncle Warren, he fought too

Survived Bastogne and Normandy

His flesh lived and returned but his spirit died

We remember what he lost for you


In 2001 the towers fell

My youngest brother knew

It’s in our blood he had to join

Bastogne unit of the 101stAirborne

He survives today his love for you

Lives on like mine


My love so deep

I give you my son he’s only seventeen

I know you will look after him

We’ve taught him well he wants to live

But will give whatever you deem

Necessary to keep the heavens blue

Your stripes pure

Your stars bright

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