Joshy’s Jammin Dutch Oven Jambalya

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4 cans of chicken broth
4 hot dog sized links of Spicy Sausage chopped.  (I like Andoille or Adelles Jalepeno Mango)
1 lb of chopped boneless/skinnless chicken
1 bag of Frozen, Shell Off, Tail Off, Shrimp
24oz of White Basmati Rice
1 ½ tbl French Herb Rub
1 ½ tbl Chicken Soup base (Caldo Sabor a Pollo)
1 large onion diced
1 ½ large bell peppers diced.
2 tbl olive oil.

First heat your dutch oven with about 10-12 coals underneath.  When it is hot, sweat the onion and bell pepper in the oil until transparent.  (add a little salt to help them sweat).  After the sweat is ready, add the chicken, and the sausage.  When the chicken is cooked through, add the chicken broth, the French Herbs, the chicken soup base, and the rice.  Stir just a little to get things spread around and then cover and let simmer for about 30 minutes. Add about 12 – 14 coals to the top of the oven.  After 30 minutes stir and check the rice.  If the rice is still hard, and the liquid is gone add water and cook longer till the rice is tender. If the bottom is burning or the rice is sticking, put the oven off the bottom coals and let it finish cooking from the top. (A little bit of crunchy rice on the bottom is good.)




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