I Remember Christmas

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Angel on Christmas Tree

I  Remember Christmas

By Bryan Strain


I remember Christmas when I was just a boy.

I remember putting plates of goodies on porches in secret ploys.

I remember searching high and low when Mom and Dad weren’t home.

I remember making sure our family and friends were never left alone.

I remember Mommy teaching me to make the candy I so loved.

I remember Christmas lessons of Heavenly Father and Son above.

I remember the hard Christmas when a fire took our house.

I remember the spirit deep from friends that fire could not douse.

I remember the powerful music I sang and heard inside my soul.

I remember that giving not getting is the most important goal.

I remember the book my mother made with stories meant to teach.

I remember the heroes and heroines who show us just how far we can reach.

I remember the traditions my Mom and Dad taught me, and the reasons why they are.

I remember to teach them to my kids so they will continue them far.

I remember the Man of perfect soul who gave everything for me.

I remember what he taught us all, and who he wants me to be.

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