Josh & Si

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  I had some photoshop fun with Josh & Si.  I ended up making a t-shirt for him.  

Fresh Basil Ice Cream

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6 AA Large Eggs 6 Cups of Heavy Cream 3 Cups of Whole Milk 2 1/4 Cups Sugar 2 Cups of Finely Chopped Fresh Basil. (I like Thai Basil Best but use whatever you like.) This recipe yields 1 gallon of ice cream.  I you don’t have  a gallon sized ice cream maker, use 2 eggs, 2 cups of cream, … Read More

A Christmas Poem for Me from Mom

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I was reading through my Mom’s (Brenda Strain) journals, that my wife so kindly copied for me for Christmas. I found a poem she wrote for me while I was on my mission. It’s funny how different the feelings are reading it now vs reading it then. Before I could really understand it, I had to do some growing up. … Read More


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If you’re not a big poetry person like I am, you might not recognize this is a Concrete/Visual poem where the shape of the text has meaning. Just a heads up.

I Remember Christmas

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I  Remember Christmas By Bryan Strain   I remember Christmas when I was just a boy. I remember putting plates of goodies on porches in secret ploys. I remember searching high and low when Mom and Dad weren’t home. I remember making sure our family and friends were never left alone. I remember Mommy teaching me to make the candy … Read More

My Flag

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My Flag

My Flag By Bryan Strain Old Glory how I love you. Your stars give certain light Your pure white stripes burn in my heart And in this crazy world despite The blood that still flows in stripes of red To defend your heaven blue field Some who live under your gaze Don’t understand the power that you wield   Some … Read More

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

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What Does It Mean To Be Human? By Bryan Strain What does it mean to be human? I think that I should know. Do I have time for all of it? How much can I grow? I’ve decided reading is the key, to find out Every part. The pain, the pleasure, the interesting, the depths of human heart. I’ve lived … Read More

Traditional Vs. Online Education

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Bryan Strain Utah State University 4 November 2012 Traditional vs. Online Education Traditional school is vastly superior to an online education.  Teachers are more than a fountain of knowledge; they are motivators, friends, and confidants.  While I agree that you can learn in the sterile, emotionless, online world, you cannot learn to the same level in the same amount of … Read More