A Christmas Poem for Me from Mom

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I was reading through my Mom’s (Brenda Strain) journals, that my wife so kindly copied for me for Christmas. I found a poem she wrote for me while I was on my mission. It’s funny how different the feelings are reading it now vs reading it then. Before I could really understand it, I had to do some growing up. Back then it was a nice poem from my Mom. Now I see the effort and thoughts of a loving mother who saw a much bigger picture. I believe she is with her Mom now telling stories, writing new poems and patiently waiting for me to get there and fulfill this prophecy. I think she would not mind my sharing it.

A Christmas Poem for My Missionary
by Brenda Strain

     Christmas is a time of year
When loved ones com from far and near,
To celebrate that special day
When Christ was born, or so they say.

It is a time when we share
Gifts with those for whom we care.
A time when love and Kindness are
Shining like that one bright star.

We feel our Saviors love so near
And tender thoughts will bring a tear.
He gave so much, what can I give?
I show my love by how I live.

My special son will give much more.
He’ll try and Knock on every door.
And share the greatest gift of all
Because that is his special call.

I am so proud of you my son,
And someday when your work is done,
I hope you’ve learned how we must give
And show our love by how we live.

We’ll be together and we’ll share
Stories of Earth when we were there.


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