My Flag

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My Flag

My Flag By Bryan Strain Old Glory how I love you. Your stars give certain light Your pure white stripes burn in my heart And in this crazy world despite The blood that still flows in stripes of red To defend your heaven blue field Some who live under your gaze Don’t understand the power that you wield   Some … Read More

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

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What Does It Mean To Be Human? By Bryan Strain What does it mean to be human? I think that I should know. Do I have time for all of it? How much can I grow? I’ve decided reading is the key, to find out Every part. The pain, the pleasure, the interesting, the depths of human heart. I’ve lived … Read More

Traditional Vs. Online Education

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Bryan Strain Utah State University 4 November 2012 Traditional vs. Online Education Traditional school is vastly superior to an online education.  Teachers are more than a fountain of knowledge; they are motivators, friends, and confidants.  While I agree that you can learn in the sterile, emotionless, online world, you cannot learn to the same level in the same amount of … Read More

10 More Steps

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Mom and Me

I can’t claim this one because I truly believe someone from the other side gave it to me after my mothers passing.  My son was away at boot camp and I was headed to the hospital for my fourth back surgery.  It was a really difficult time, but it was also a deeply spiritual experience. 10 More Steps By Unknown … Read More


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Fourteen By M. Bryan Strain I know I screwed up- I knew better- I did it anyway- I just wanted to know if I could- I’m sorry- Yell at me! Punish me! Say something! Anything? The Silence lets my mind torture itself too much

My Heart Runneth Over

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My Heart Runneth Over By Bryan Strain Mom and Dad I love you, You’re all I know for sure. My best friend I love you, I couldn’t ask for more. I find love for another friend, Perhaps a little more. I love my wife beyond all love, I’ve ever had before. Now a son I love you, Your innocence adore. … Read More